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general purpose kvetching

Well, I know that vacation is over ... 24 hours since I walked into the office at Kettering, and I'm already hip-deep in campus politics and griping and all the other bizarre things that constitute University politics.

Must . . . try . . . to . . . keep . . . perspective . . .

In happier news ... last night, a dear friend took me out to a shooting range and taught me how to fire a handgun for the first time.  We fired a variety of guns ... a .22, a 9mm, a .45, and even a .357.  I've always had a great deal of respect for guns, but having actually fired them now ... my respect is much greater.  (And at the end, I actually was even hitting the target pretty consistently with the .45.)

Classes start Monday (well, Tuesday for me).  Augh!  Gotta get assignments figured out . . .

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