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follow-up ...

Thanks for the kind words, folks.

Things are slightly better now.  I've talked twice now with the party I offended, and I think we're on the move in the right direction.  I still need to sit down with all of them later on this week ... but even the conversation today helped me realize that I'm probably taking it worse than they are.  I've got a letter going out into the mail tonight to them as well.

And getting back to work is helping.  I spent a lot of time Monday night sitting alone in the dark thinking and praying, mainly 'cuz I had nothing else to do.  I'm back at work today, and behind at just about everything ... and so I'm starting to think about other things rather than staring at my navel for hours on end.

And at least I have something else to think about besides how mad I am at the bully ... like how sorry I am that I turned into that same bully.   Sigh.

Anyways ... I think the cure has begun ... at least for this incident.  Now, I just have to deal with the normal stuff that depresses me.  :p

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