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A good day

It's nice to have a good day ... even though it seems like it's only once in a while that it happens ...

  • Ran an all-faculty meeting of the Kettering faculty, as required by our constitution, to report on our activities during the last six months. It's the first time in a long time that we've actually done that. The meeting went exceedingly smoothly, and I received several complements about how well I ran it. (Which probably means I'm doomed to be asked to chair twelve other committees next year when I step down as Moderator, but that's ok.)
  • The above meeting was graced by the appearance of President Liberty, who chose that forum to announce our new interim provost. Exceedingly cool that he chose to drop in on our meeting and drop that news on us.
  • After all of that, played hooky for the afternoon. Got my A/C fixed on my Focus ... funny, how you never figure out that you need to fix that until it starts getting unbearably hot.
  • Took off with Jane and saw X3. A fun, enjoyable romp. And thanks to darthdingus and tukaro for pointing out that I should stay through the end credits for the bonus scene. (I shouldn't have been surprised by the scene ... after the fact, it's a classic occurrence of Chekhov's gun. But it still caught me by surprise.)
  • Dinner out at a nice restaurant without the kids.

So, other than one minor difficulty involving someone at work who's trying to kill me, it's been a really good day.

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