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Old man question

Question for anyone out there under the age of 25 reading this ...

Did you see the Road Runner & Coyote cartoons growing up as a kid?

I've been thinking a lot about them lately, and if I think about them that much, it means it's gonna end up in one of my lectures somehow.  But I haven't seen honest-to-goodness Saturday morning cartoons on TV for, like, ever, and I try not to make lots of cultural references that no-one else picks up on.   All I see on the schedules these days is goofy kid sitcoms (like That's So Raven) and other obscurist-Japanese stuff (Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon or whatever), and I don't see the classic Warner Brothers stuff on anywhere.

When I was a kid, we had real cartoons ... [rest of old-man rant deleted for general sanity]

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