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Jim Huggins
November 5th, 2007
09:21 pm
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  • Detroit 44, Denver 7. Detroit is 6-2.

    Detroit is 6-2 ??!??

    Ok, fess up ... who kidnapped the real Lions and replaced them with a football team? This is so cool ...

  • End of the 1st quarter of the Monday Night game, and Pittsburgh has forced 3 fumbles already.  Looks like a rout is on for my other NFL team, too.  How cool is that?

  • Not sure which is worse ... having four other people clean my house so that I don't know where anything is anymore, or not having four other people clean my house and having it turn into a pigsty.  I get little bits of both right now ... people will clean up my kids toys, but won't touch my messy desk.

    Basically, I hate losing control ... but I'm not too stubborn to turn down the help, either.  Sigh.  Or Grr.  I dunno.

  • Contents of the Bag of Crap: One nice black-and-red backpack (the "bag"), one wings-snack-tray-thing, one digital watch, and one 45-rpm Mr. T read-along story book (with the WalMart price tag still attached.)  Pretty much the only thing that survives the test is the backpack ... but for $8, it's a really nice backpack.

  • Trying to read the book on forgiveness in my "spare time", which means about one chapter every three weeks.  Read Chapter 2 last night, which has me thinking.  The key idea: forgiveness is in some respects a combination of justice and mercy.  It acknowledges that the other person committed an offense, but voluntarily gives up the rights to vengeance inherent in that offense.  In that respect, forgiveness is not passive, but active.  An interesting thought ...


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Date:November 16th, 2007 06:28 am (UTC)

Mr. T ????

You really do not want the Mr. T read along? Thats the best thing in there!

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