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AP-CS Reading, Day One

  • Reading the A3 problem, which is really cool. I seem to have grokked the rubric before most of the rest of the room, though, which is leaving me chomping at the bit to get moving. Gotta keep myself restrained for awhile ...
  • It's not just at school that everything is breaking loose, it's everything going on in my life. Sigh. What a week to be trying to manage everything via email ...
  • Found the local NPR station on the radio. Hallelujah! I can actually listen to a snippet of Morning Edition as I get up, which may be my only exposure to news in the Real World for a few days ...
  • It's still incredibly fun to hang out with a bunch of mostly type-A personalities, especially since I'm not one of them and can ride the wave for awhile.
  • This year's T-Shirt is a take-off on Survivor. Exceedingly cool, though filled with plenty of in-jokes. ("I believe in the pencil fairies! I do!")
  • Got to play some decent social bridge without the teaching factor tonight. Lots-o-fun.
  • Just spent the last hour emailing and LJ-ing. Really gotta sign off and start slowing down ... need sleep ... must ... pace ... self ...

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