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  • Just got back from seeing The Great Debaters.  It's a nice, compelling, interesting movie.  Perhaps more so for me than other folks ... for whatever reason, I seem really interested in the whole notion of public speaking and persuasion as of late.  (Occupational hazard, perhaps.)  It's in limited release, so you may have to look around to find a theater showing it around you.  But it's definitely an intriguing, entertaining-in-a-thoughtful-way movie.  (I mean, it's a little hard to have cars exploding in a movie about a debate team ...)
  • Two courses graded, one to go, 38 hours.  Definitely looks better than it did earlier today.
  • Michael Vick is now in Leavenworth.  Hey, wildirishrose80, do you think the Chiefs could get him on work-release?  :)

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