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follow-ups, and a meme

Well ... last Monday's stress is over.  It was ... well, as bad as I thought it would be.  But at least it's over.

And ... I did it.  And they understood it.  God is good.

So now, via wildirishrose80, it's another silly meme ...

1. When did you leave home?

Kinda gradual, due to the whole college thing.  Probably when I started graduate school in 1989.

2. What or who has had the greatest influence in your life?

Besides God, you mean?  Actually, I'm not sure I can say anything else ... since that includes my years in churches, my years in InterVarsity, meeting my wife ...

3. What is your current state of mind?

Oddly at peace.

4. What is happiness?

An all-too-transient state of well-being.

5. Your favorite thing to find in the refrigerator?

Hm.  Maybe a tray of shrimp.

6. What caused your worst hangover?

Never had more than one drink at a time in my life, so I can't answer ...

7. Do children like you?

Yes.  Most, at least.

8. Fireworks or thunderstorm?

Thunderstorm.  The feeling of the fresh air outside is ... amazing.

9. A thing or person you’d like to be in your next life.

Don't believe in a next life, so ...

10. What are you likely to complain about in a hotel?

Used to be TV reception.  Now it's Internet connectivity.

11. Three words that would describe your ideal day in bed.

Couldn't spend an ideal day in bed.  I'm too antsy.

12. If you had a ticket for a month in paradise, where would you go?

For a whole month?  It's either Cedarville, MI, or Sanibel Island, FL.

13. Shaved or natural?

I'm pretty sure I'm not allowed to answer this question ...

14. What you do you need in order to sleep well?

No disruptions for the first 90 minutes.  Otherwise, it's like I took a nap.

15. The most horrifying couple you know, and why.

There was a couple that used to be in our bridge league.  He knew bridge very well; she knew enough to play the game ... which frustrated him to no end and led to some pretty intense staring matches.

16. How do you react when plans get canceled?

Mostly I roll with it.  I used to be more annoyed, but then I had kids, and discovered that plans get canceled all the time ...

17. Movie star or rock star?

Probably movie star, since I've never been into rock music ...

18. Sunbathing or hiking?

Hiking.  Don't like getting hot, and the sitting still stuff again is hard.

19. Define sin.

"A willful transgression of a known law of God."  Sorry, but I've got the Sunday School definition burned in my brain ...

20. Something of your partner’s you’d love to sell in a garage sale.

Nothing, really ... she's got good taste.

21. Which bad habit(s) from your childhood do you still have?

Dunno, really.

22. Curtains or blinds?

We have both, and I don't really care ...

23. Which of Mother’s/Father’s worst traits have you uncontrollably adopted?

I probably tend to clam up more than I should.

24. Night owl or early bird?

Used to be an early bird.  But then there was that kid thing again ...

25. At what time do you find you are most needy?

It can happen anytime, really ...

26. Sometimes I wish I were...

... surrounded by more friends instead of acquaintances.

27. You are notorious for...

Knowing the answer to just about anything.  (And usually being right.)

28. Dentist or inlaws?

Oh, inlaws, no question.  The dentist is ok, but I really love my inlaws.  They're cool.

29. Name your poison.

Sweet tea.

30. Biggest gamble of your life?

I don't know that I've ever really gambled on anything.  Maybe on taking my first "real job" at Kettering.

31. Ever provided an alibi for a friend?

Not untruthfully, no.

32. Would you rather be the guest or the host at a party?

Probably the guest.  I don't mind hosting, though.

33. How do you picture Hell?

Pitch black, utterly devoid of anything.  And consequently horrific.

34. How do you picture Heaven?

Warm, inviting, glorious, joyful.

35. Guacamole or Hummus?

You know, lately, I've taken to hummus ...
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