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  • What a difference a year makes.  Last year, on Super Bowl Sunday, I was awash in a sea of self-pity.  This year ... we hosted an informal Super Bowl party (despite our non-spectacular TV), and had 4-5 families attend.  It was relaxed, it was cordial ... it was warm, it was friendly, it was enjoyable.  I'm thankful for God's provision of good friends ... and helping to build some of those relationships.
  • What a game!  Riveting until the end.  And good performances on the whole ... the game wasn't decided on mistakes, or one team just giving it away.  The Giants took on a really great team and beat them ... with a drive that every kid dreams about.
  • I'm a big fan of the Grammar Girl podcast.  One of the recent podcasts was fascinating ... it talked about the discovery by a linguist at Johns Hopkins of an urban subculture that is using the word "yo" as a neuter personal pronoun.  I've always been interested in language, especially the wars about inclusive language ... and it's interesting that while official linguists have tried to invent neuter personal pronouns, it simply hasn't happened ... while a bunch of kids on the street have figured it out on their own.  (It's not clear that this usage extends far from the DC area, but it's fascinating nonetheless.  At least to me.)

Ok, enough stalling ... time to head to the office ...

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