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Some bits and pieces ...

  • 189.6.  That's what my scale said this morning.  Ten months ago, it said 211.2.  One way or another, I can officially say that I've lost 20 pounds.
  • Until today at lunch, when a student took me out for lunch to Chinese buffet and I pigged out.  But I tried to pig out on vegetables, so hopefully my weight will recover soon enough.
  • In the space of three months, I've gotten a new laptop from work, and a technically-used-but-still-perfectly-reasonable-new desktop unit.  It'll be nice having reasonably fast machines to work from again.
  • Latest addicting guilty pleasure: Armor Picross 2
  • Rapidly contesting the previous guilty pleasure: Protector
  • Moving bank accounts from one institution to another is a pain ... I never knew how many direct-deposit and direct-deduction accounts I had.  Still, it had to be done.  Guess that's why I have a non-teaching term ...

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