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Just back from reading the AP Computer Science exam.  The work was enjoyable, the people were fantastic, the facilities were ... did I mention that the people were fantastic?  (Oh well ... they're supposedly moving us to a nicer facility next year.)

One of the most intriguing things this year, though, was that this appeared to be the year of the Internet meme on the CS exam ...
  • There was a Facebook group that encouraged its members to write "THIS IS SPARTA" on any AP exam they took ... then cross it out and continue writing their exam as usual.  (With the CS exam, this is easy; students just put it the line in a comment.)  I saw it on a few exams and just figured some people were being cute ... but then over meals, we found out lots of people were doing it, and someone Googled it to find out what the story was.
  • Then, there was the person grading exams across from me who got rickrolled ... twice.  (Keep in mind that this is a written exam, so rickrolling isn't nearly as satisfying.  Still, it was cute.)
I've said this before ... but I am continually amazed by the modern Internet era.

(Which is a much more dignified way of saying "man, those kids these days ..." )

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