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While avoiding doing anything remotely useful ...
  • I can tell it's the end of my "summer".  I can't seem to get anything useful done before noon.
  • Ok, that's not exactly true.  I get useful stuff done, but not the useful stuff that I intend to do before the day starts.  Which means I end up frustrated, even though I'm still being active.  Grr.
  • I hates clutter in the house.  Guess that what's happens when you disappear for three weeks.
  • Got to go to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum on Tuesday night.  A couple quick hits:
    • It's a little weird going to a museum when you're not really familiar with the genre.  I knew more of the names of the "early influences" (like all the jazz & blues folks that influenced rock) than the famous rock starts.
    • It was fascinating to see how well they did in curating the museum.  Museums are generally a visual medium, but this is a museum dedicated to an auditory phenomenon.  To be sure, there was plenty of music going around.  But they managed to balance it out pretty nicely ... enough that you heard plenty of samples, not so much that it became deafening.
    • Saw a clip of Elvis from his comeback TV episode ... and the first thing I thought, honestly, was "He plays guitar?".  I mean, yeah, I knew that ... but considering how few rock stars today are known for playing an instrument, it was a little shock out of time.
    • Obligatory amusing bit of trivia: Elvis never did a concert in Europe, because his manager was an illegal immigrant from the Netherlands, and was afraid that if he left the country, INS wouldn't let him back in ...
  • Also got to see a traveling exhibit on Einstein at the Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland.  Incredibly well done ... I almost think I understand relativity now.  And the historical stuff on his life was intriguing as well.
  • I love opening my mouth and inserting my foot squarely inside.  Sigh.  Hope I didn't do too much damage.
  • Obscure message (you know you who are): I'm prayin' for 'ya.  When you get to 12M, let me know ...

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