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misc rants and ravings - Jim Huggins
July 17th, 2008
09:53 am
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misc rants and ravings
  • Moment of geek bliss: Listening to some old podcasts yesterday, and discovering a Grammar Girl podcast on Yoda grammar.  It was actually a long and fascinating discussion on whether or not Yoda grammar is proper English ... and some of the philosophy behind Yoda grammar (and grammar choice in general in the movies).  Much amused I was.  :)
  • Weight is back up to +8 over my previous low.  And I'm traveling this weekend, which is really bad for weight control.  Sigh.
  • The Jesse Jackson story continues to unravel ... now, word is out (and has been confirmed) that Jackson used the N-word in that infamous hot-mic interview moment.  After railing against the use of the N-word publicly ... how can Jackson have the audacity to use it, even in private?  What hypocrisy ... either the word is appropriate or it's not.  Time to get your own house in order, I think ...
  • Actually, what I find almost as fascinating is that Fox News Channel deliberately didn't release the video footage of Jackson using the N-word.  You'd think that if FNC was as rabidly anti-left as they've accused of being, they'd have absolutely no problem piling on Jackson as much as they could.  (Not that FNC is without bias, of course ... no-one is.)
  • Couldn't get to church last night ... because when I left work, I broke my key off in the trunk lock!  Sigh.  Had to have the family come and rescue me with the spare key.  Will have to find some time to get someone to fish the broken part out of the lock.
  • Drop-Sum is a deceptively addictive game.

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