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Jim Huggins
August 15th, 2008
09:26 pm
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  • Just submitted a paper to a CS education conference.  I've had the idea to write this paper for about three years now.  I finally set aside some time over the last few months and got it written.  It's due in a couple of weeks, but I won't have any time then, so ... I bit the bullet and sent it in tonight.

    See, the thing is, I've submitted twice to this conference before, and been rejected each time.  To be honest, both of those papers deserved to be rejected.  I revised each of them and then submitted them to a lesser conference, and got them accepted.  But I really, really want to get a paper in this conference ... it's the one I attend every year just to learn stuff, and I'd be thrilled to be able to be a presenter rather than just a consumer.

    Of course, I won't hear from them until late October to know whether it's been accepted or not.

    But I really, really, really want this one.

  • I finally solved the last level on Protector 2, which is good, because now I can quit playing this stupid game and get back to grading and cleaning house and all that stuff.

  • Oh, yeah.  Cleaning.  My wife comes back home very, very early Sunday morning.  Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow!  (Augh!)  At least I can have the Olympics on the TV while I'm cleaning ...

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